LA Style Book

921 Crocker Street
Suite # 17
Los Angeles, CA 90021

LAStyleBook is an outlet that Hankook Trading has created to facilitate transactions for their
buyers. Hankook Trading is one of the leading importers in the United States and has been one
of the most competitive denim jean distributors in the Los Angeles Fashion district. Originally a
prominent player in the yarn industry, Hankook Trading has been able to minimize costs through
every aspect of production, which is how we are able to provide such low costs for our buyers.

Competition has increased drastically over the past 20 years, and LAStylebook has managed
to provide the most cost-saving merchandise for businesses to resell at an acceptable price. All
sales representatives can be accessed by phone as well if your company is not comfortable with
internet wholesale purchases. A resell permit is required for all buyers, and prices will not be
accessible to the public.

Our manufacturers are located around the world, giving us a very competitive price point and
also allowing us to be able to provide order-based items for buyers. As long as the buyer has
built enough rapport with our business, we will be willing to make arrangements to create private
label items for your company.

New photos are updated weekly, and only members will have access to the prices and specifics
of each style. Customer service and quality assurance is the main priority for LAStylebook, which
is why all direct numbers are listed in the “Contact us” section for any issues. All merchandise
completes a quality control process on the manufacturing side as well as after they have been
delivered to our warehouse.

Increasing sales is the main goal in all companies. Let LAStylebook help you achieve these goals!

LAStylebook holds several of the LA Fashion Districts most popular labels:

Miss Kitty Couture

A registered trademark, Miss Kitty Couture is a brand that creates its own styles while
following new ones. MK Couture has been a top-selling item due to its quality, design,
concept, and its costs. MK Couture will have the quality that is on par with department store
brands, and costs that will easily beat the costs of those brands.


Popular amongst the South American clientele, Emperial is a brand that has been around
the fashion industry as a cost and quality leader since 2002. Emperial is one of our most
popular selling labels, offering “bling-bling” style denim, simple embroidery, ripped
jeans, and washed denim.

Sexsi Pompis / Levanta Pompis

Sexsi Pompis and Levanta Pompis are known for their quality material that offers stretch,
comfort and style for consumers with more curvy figures.


This line focuses on basic denim, where the differences are determined by the fabric,
wash, and fit of the clothing.


Stylish and trendy jeans that are very budget-friendly. loveSweet has been a brand of
high demand because buyers are aware that retailers find it easier to sell stylish items
especially when they are extremely low priced.

La La Chic

From high-waist to basic 5-pocket designs, La La Chic is a great product at a great price.
This line will also cater to consumers with curvy figures.

Rock & Royal

Simple design and quality fabric. Rock & Royal offers very basic 5-pocket styles that
retailers will not have a problem selling. The styles will have a set foundation, but with
varying washes, rips, dyes, etc.

American Blue

This line gives a very classic and vintage feel. This line will be appealing to all audiences
that are interested in Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, etc.

Astor Greene

Astor Greene is a certain color that represents environmental motions. This line offers graphic tees, jeans, and accessories for both men and women. This clothing is made for comfort through fit and production. Astor Green is a line that is created to help our environmental cause as well as a way to spread style in a unique way.